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The Spirit School is an academic institution established to meet the sky scraping educational challenges of the new millennium with its cutting edge and innovative educational programme designed by a group of veteran educationists. The goal of The Spirit School is to help today’s children become truly Kids and global citizens. Its teaching methodology, addresses this rapidly changing world filled with fantastic new problems as well as exciting new possibilities. 21st century skills learned through our curriculum, which is interdisciplinary, integrated, and intelligently designed, will prepare our young children to meet all modern challenges skillfully and confidently. We offer a curriculum that is designed to provide a concrete foundation for the crucial early years of a child’s life as he/she prepares for school. The curriculum is based on active forms . . .

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Counseling Days

The counseling days signify the guidance on career opportunities. Counseling Days are arranged to guide students towards the most felicitous career paths they can opt for. Students who are growing need time and exposure to identify what they want to be and do with their lives.

7 Habbits

The Spirit School tends to produce students who become successful and responsible citizens. In this regard, TSS develops the qualities of highly effective people in the students by making them adopt seven habits that are:

Shopkeeperless Shop

TSS has also introduced Shopkeeperless shop to develop confidence, sense of money handling, integrity, honesty, sense of responsibility and saving in the students.

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Student Quality Circle

TSS introduced Student Quality Circles in 2014 with a purpose to empower the students by developing in them the leadership qualities, and the spirit of collaboration, cooperation and coordination. Its objective is to facilitate and encourage them to learn data-driven problem solving techniques so they could promote global peace & harmony.

Connecting Classroom

Connecting Classrooms is intended to help young people develop awareness, knowledge, skills and standards to live and work in a globalized economy. It does this by supporting thousands of educators and school leaders universally to integrate a range of core skills into the curriculum through professional development and international school partnerships.

MCB Fun Club

The main purpose of launching this idea is to instill in the students, the importance of resources and how to effectively manage the resources. By going forward with this endeavor, the students will be able to reach a new level of self-confidence by successfully maintaining an account and becoming familiar with the banking transactions.


Our School Team

ISA - Connecting Classroom

In the era of 21st century, where teaching and learning is not confined to the book and the walled classroom, empowering the teachers is an integral requirement to modify their teaching methods, to bring them out of their shells and to advance them as the facilitators. In this context, capacity building of teachers is a crucial aspect that is being practised globally now a days.

Keeping its tradition of adapting with the modern day learning techniques and requirements, The Spirit School emphasizes on empowering and building the teachers’ capacities through its training programmes. The Spirit School focuses on the global learning needs and preparing the teachers to transform themselves from a simple teacher to a globally acknowledged facilitator for the students of modern era. One among the different training programmes arranged by The Spirit School, the British Council International School Award(ISA)is crucial and worth mentioning.

ISA is global platform that The Spirit School is using for connecting classrooms, collaborating and recognizing the curriculum and academic and non academic activities internationally.ISA acknowledges school collaboration internationally, enriches education through international work, benchmarks best practice and shares professional development in teaching and learning.

Currently, thirteen(13) campuses of The Spirit School are registered with ISA and have paved their way to be acknowledged worldwide. With the continuous professional support trainings organized at The Spirit School Head Office, member campuses are working on the action plans for developing National and International activities as per the criteria of ISA.

Cluster Trainings for Capacity Building

In the modern Educational World, there are various benchmarks that are achieved and still in process of achievement to synchronize the educational techniques with the latest technology. Capacity Building to improve the pedagogical skills of the teachers is a crucial building block to attain this milestone.

The paradigm shift from ‘rote learning’ to the ‘conceptual learning’ is the ultimate focus of The Spirit School. In this regard, it is believed to prepare teachers of The Spirit School for coping with the modern day teaching and learning challenges.

The Spirit School Head Office has designed and conducting Cluster Training Sessions for Capacity Building to facilitate, prepare and refine the pedagogical skills of the teachers so that student centred learning be focused in the classrooms.

The teachers are provided with the platform to improve their potentials, solve their queries and come across various teaching methodologies to ensure the best teaching learning environment in their classrooms.

Capacity Building of teachers for Preschool and all subjects from Grade 1 -10 is the integral feature of The Spirit School cluster Trainings. One of the crucial domain of the Cluster Trainings is the Leadership and Management sessions for The Spirit School Principals to empower them, make them the ideal leaders and excellent managers and to facilitate them in implementing the operational procedures prescribed by the Head Office.

Cluster Trainings for Capacity Building are conducted by the resourceful trainers of The Spirit School, each specialized in their area of trainings, enriched with experience and passionate in widening the horizons of teaching in the modern era. Thus, the initiative of the Capacity Building sessions has opened the new doors for today’s teachers.

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