Our Curriculum

We offer a curriculum designed to serve as a concrete foundation for the young learners. The curriculum is based on active forms of learning stimulating a curious mind to be able to discover a new world. We believe in learning that is experiential (learning by doing) rather than learning based exclusively on books.

TSS provides an environment where teachers establish individual bonds with young students; activities are designed to engage young minds to create a culture that facilitates learning, while providing an environment for skills and social development.

Preschool Curriculum Competencies
• Personal & Social Development
• Language & Literacy
• Basic Mathematic Concept
• The World Around Us
• Health, Hygiene & Safety
• Creative Art

Primary & Onwards Curriculum Competencies
• Listening
• Speaking
• Reading
• Writing
• Presenting
• Social & Ethical Development
• Reasoning & Critical Thinking
• Life Skills