The purpose of this admission policy is too standardize the registration for admissions.

PreschoolJunior SchoolPrimary SchoolComprehensive School
Class IClass IClass I
Class IIClass IIClass II
Class IIIClass IIIClass III
Clas IVClass IV
Class VClass V
Class VIClass VI
Class VIIClass VII
Class VIII
Class IX
Class X

Pre School

Class LevelMin AgeMax Age
Playgroup3 Years7 Years
Nursery3 Years4 Years
Prep4 Years5 Years

Comprehensive School

Class LevelMin AgeMax Age
Class IX13 Years14 Years
Class X14 Years15 Years

Primary School

Class LevelMin AgeMax Age
Class I5 Years6 Years
Class II6 Years7 Years
Class III7 Years8 Years
Class IV8 Years9 Years
Class V9 Years10 Years
Class VI10 Years11 Years
Class VII11 Years12 Years
Class VIII12 Years13 Years

Admissions at Spirit Schools depends on the following conditions:

  • Availability of Seats
  • Score of Admission Test
  • Interview of Child/Parent

Pre School

Class LevelAdmission Test/Interview
KGWritten Test + Interview

Elementary School

Class LevelAdmission Test/Interview
Class VIEnglish, Urdu, Mathematics & Science
Class VIIEnglish, Urdu, Mathematics & Science
Class VIIIEnglish, Urdu, Mathematics & Science

Primary School

Class LevelAdmission Test/Interview
Class IEnglish, Urdu & Mathematics
Class IIEnglish, Urdu & Mathematics
Class IIIEnglish, Urdu & Mathematics
Class IVEnglish, Urdu, Science & Mathematics
Class VEnglish, Urdu, Science & Mathematics

Secondary School

Class LevelAdmission Test/Interview
Class IXScience Group | Humanities Group, English, Urdu, Mathematics & Sceicne
Pre SchoolPrimaryComprehensive
First RegistrationFirst RegistrationFirst Registration
Admission Registration FormAdmission Registration FormAdmission Registration Form
Admission FormAdmission FormAdmission Form
Fee ChallanFee ChallanFee Challan
Admission OrderAdmission OrderAdmission Order

PreSchool to Class X

Monthly Tuition Fee (Full Fee Category)3450/-
Monthly Tuition Fee (Sibling Fee Category)2600/-
Admission Fee (At the time of admission for all student categories)2500/-
Security Deposit (Refundable)2500/-
Annual Subscription Fee (Per Academic year for all student categories)
Admission Processing Fee (At the time of admission for all student categories)200/-