Become a Part of Superior Family

Become a Part of Superior Family

The Spirit School (TSS), a project by “THE SUPERIOR GROUP” is committed to delivering all the services promised by the management with a greater goal of facilitating the customer.

The Spirit School (TSS) is a nationwide project of schools (playgroup to class X) based on strategic partnership between Superior Group and Network Associates (franchisees). The prestigious group is constituted of:
• Superior Group of Colleges
• Superior Universities
• Azra Naheed Center for Research & Development (ANCRD)
• Chaudhry Muhammad Akram Center for Entrepreneurship Development (CMACED)
• Azra Naheed Medical College
• Chaudhry Muhammad Akram Teaching & Research Hospital
• Azra Naheed Dental College
• Azra Naheed Dental Hospital
• Superior Wellness Company (Pharmaceutical)
• Breeo International (Visa Consulting firm)
• Infinite Labs
• Daily Nai Baat Newspaper
• Boom FM 106.6
• The Spirit School
• Superior Grammar School
‘A man gets whatever he strives for’ (Ver,39; Surah Najam) is indeed a great inspiration for us at The Superior Group. Undoubtedly, the management and all team members of Superior are jointly striving to deliver their best and in return receiving respect, honor and growth by leaps and bounds.

Our curriculum is customized and standardized in all campuses that includes local, social, and cultural values to ensure the contribution of the students in all segments of society.

After signing of an MOU/agreement The Spirit School Head Office will provide the academics, Operational, financial, IT, Marketing supports at its best to maintain the highest standards.

These are the following supports given in details

Operational Manuals

1. Academics Manual
2. School Operation/HR Manual
3. Administration & Accounts Manual
4. Operational Manual

1. Complete academic manual given to the campus
2. Activity Calendars
3. Yearly Planners
4. Recruitment Procedures
5. School / Classroom decoration consultancy
6. Curriculum book list
7. Scheme of studies
8. Planning of every term
9. Daily lesson Plan
10. Students assessments and examinations
11. Montessori Training
12. Subject wise Teachers Training
13. Orientation & induction sessions
14. Principal conference
15. Summer vacations etc.

1. Complete Manual
2. School Orientation
3. School Evaluation
4. Class room observation
5. Class room management
6. Copy checking
7. Staff observation / Teachers competency
8. Assess student learning
9. Compliance of academics support
10. School Head Leadership
11. Daily Practices
12. Interaction with staff
13. Communication mechanism
14. Record Keeping
15. Compliance of company policies
16. Staff development
17. Periodic review
18. Reports
19. Area and building finalization etc.

1. Manual
2. Purpose
3. Responsibilities
4. Procedure
5. Accounting record
6. Books of accounts to be maintained
7. Accounting cycle
8. Revenues
9. Security deposits
10. Royalty
11. Fixed item
12. Record of depreciation
13. Fixed asset register
14. Procedure of sale of investment
15. Advances to staff
16. Fund Management
17. Bank Reconciliations
18. Accrued liabilities
19. Payroll expenses
20. Texas
21. Budgeting etc.


TSS offers two types of marketing.

• Local Level (Network Associate is responsible for local level marketing and support given by head office includes
• School Signage
• Newsletters
• Flyers designs
• Academics calendar flex
• Admission open standees
• Cable ad
• Hoarding designs
• Admission ad etc.


1. Manual
2. Documents List
3. Documentation and data control
4. Student admission and with drawls
5. Hiring
6. Staff benefit and general leave rules
7. School dress code
8. School canteen operations
9. Health safety and environment
10. Annual result day
11. Suggestion Box
12. Formats etc.

SIMS Portal

1. SIMS Portal can be accessed from anywhere in world
2. General Guideline
3. Login Access
4. Student Registration
5. Students Admission
6. Staff attendance
7. SMS to parents
8. Fee challan
9. Student report
10. General inventory etc.

TSS Network Associates get every type of support to control the campus administratively and implement the strategies given by the TSS head office.

We strongly believe that each department carries equal importance to get high ROI (Return on Investment)

Apply for Perfect Location . . !

Apply Now, & Become our Network Associate

Apply Now & Become our Network Associates

How To Become

Our Franchisee . . !

• Download Application form
• Fill the following essentials boxes i.e (Name, CNIC #, Qualification. . . )
• Reserve your location
• Email to Head office marketing@tss.edu.pk
• Contact @ 0332-5311436