Preschool - Class 8

Class 9-10

Assessment Schedule Preschool – Class 8

Class 9-10

Introducing Pre-9th

After conducting a thorough analysis, The Spirit School is going to introduce Pre-9th after Midterm Examination of Class 8 so that the students get well equipped and able to score better positions in Board Examinations. It will help ensure better positions in higher grades. Pre-9th has successfully been launched / introduced in all four provinces.

Board Exams

In class 9 & 10 the textbooks of Textbook Boards of the concerned provinces are being taught. The initial purpose of The Spirit School is to polish the innate abilities of the students by developing creativity in them so that they don’t blindly cram the concept but use their reasoning power to comprehend the concepts. The Spirit School prepares its students to gain high marks in board exam, but on the other hand, it generates creativity in them to enable them to use their creative skills.